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the pollutant that is formed is, Carbon Monoxide

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Q: Name impurity found in petrol that burns what pollutant formed?
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How is carbon dioxide formed when petrol burns?

petrol consists of carbon and hydrogen, when it burns it produces carbon dioxide and water if complete combustion occurs

What gas is formed when petrol burns?

carbon- dioxide and carbon- monoxide

How do you tell petrol from diesel in a can?

Petrol is and bit more vicous and that diesel is a lot darker than petrol. Petrol burns quicker when set alight, however diesel burns more brightly!

Why do cars need petrol?

if cars do not have petrol they will not work because petrol burns in the engine and the car moves forward

Why no smoking in petrol bunks?

Petrol burns easily, so smoking is dangerous near it.

Why is sulfur dioxide produced in a petrol engine?

because when petrol burns it produces sulfur dioxide

What happen when petrol burns?

it spreads then stinks lol

when petrol burns in air is its mass increased or decreased?


What are the products formed when fuel such as petrol burns completely?

Mainly Water (H2O), Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), but mainly the first two. And if the petrol is broken down incompletely (without oxygen) Carbon Monoxide (CO) is produced instead of CO2.A:Carbon dioxide and water (mainly) but in case of incomplete combustion carbon monoxide and carbon (soot) too. The pollutants produced by petrol combustion are mainly nitrogen oxides and unburnt petrol.

Why is cng preferable for vehicles than petrol and diesel?

Burns cleaner.

What energy is released when petrol burns?

it spreads then stinks lol

What burns hotter gas or diesel?

Petrol first. it has a lower flash point than diesel.