Law has right to search a vehicle?

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The law has the right to search a vehicle with or without a warrant.

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Q: Law has right to search a vehicle?
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Related questions

Can you refuse a cops request to search your vehicle?

no, they have a right from the law

Can a traffic infraction give a cop probable cause to search your vehicle alone in Florida state law?

No. Unless you are being arrested or give the officer consent to search the car a simple traffic infraction alone does not give the right to search a vehicle.

Does the border patrol have the right to search your vehicle without a warrant?

Yes, remember their mission is Immigration AND Customs Enforcement (hence: ICE). If they have reasonable suspicion or 'articulable' probable cause, they (and any law enforcement agent) can search your vehicle.

Do police have the right to search your vehicle because you have a felon riding in it with you?

Police do have the right to search your vehicle for any reason they feel is justified. They may have a suspicion of illegal activity and pull you over to search the car.

If permission given to search car by someone other then car owner is it illegal search?

If permission is given by the operator of the vehicle for the police to search it, then it is a legal search. The operator is the person responsible for the vehicle and as such they have the right to give permission.

When searching a vehicle must there be 2 police officers for the search one as a witness?

No, there is no such requirement in law.

Do you have to allow an officer of the law to search your car if you are stopped for a traffic violation?

No. Officers can only search your vehicle if 1) you consent or 2) if they have probable cause. If the officer has probable cause to search your vehicle, they generally won't ask you for permission, but will instead tell you that they are going to search your vehicle. Whether probable cause for a search exists depends on the circumstances.

Do I have to let the police in Kane county Illinois search my vehicle.?

You have every right to say no.

Does Ohio have a right of recission law?

Yes Ohio does have a 3 day right of recission law for certain transactions. The purchase of a motor vehicle does not fall under this law.

What does one refer to when speaking about a search warrant?

A search warrant is an item that must be provided, normally by a judge, if a law enforcement officer needs to search a person, a location, or a vehicle.

How long do search warrant last on a vehicle?

This can vary by circumstance and even by individual state law. Due to the moveable nature of a vehicle, most vehicle search warrants are issued for vehicles wihich are already in the custody, or safe-keeping of, or under the direct surveillance of law enforcement, and are meant for the seizure of evidence or contraband which are reasonably believed to be within, or on, the vehicle, at THAT time. OR - less so, for evidence or contraband in a vehicle which law enforcement has observed to be customarily used for such purposes in the past.

Is there a right of rescission law for car purchases in Texas?

No, the buyers remorse law does not apply to the purchase of a new or used vehicle.

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