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no, they have a right from the law

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Q: Can you refuse a cops request to search your vehicle?
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Do the cops have the right to do a search seizer?

do cops have the right to do search&seizer on someone that is not there

Is a trailer hitch ball violation enough for a search of vehicle ca?

The cops can just about do whatever they want to do and a crooked judge will always side with them!

What part of the car do the cops search when they search a car?

Top to bottom. Until they are satisfied. If they find nothing they will usually call in a drug dog anyway. Just always refuse, and remind them you have the right to leave if they do not legally and formally detain you.

What is search and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

What is and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

How do you download cops and robbrs on minecraft?

go to and search Cops n' Robbers

Can cops search a beverage?

If an officer had a reasonable suspicion that something in the beverage contributed to a crime (such as drinking in a motor vehicle or possession of alcohol by an underage person), yes, he could search the beverage and determine if a crime had taken place.

Does the cops lights have to be on before you can be charged with fleeing in a vehicle?


are cops allowed to search my car more than once?


Do you have to insure or register a vehicle first?

yes because if you get pulled over by the cops then you have to show them the information about your vehicle.

What does it mean when cops take a computer?

That they plan to search it for evidence of a crime

Can the cops search a house after a person coming out of that house was searched and arrested for drugs?

Yes. They have probable cause. Cops can do just about anything they want to.