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no, they have a right from the law

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2009-07-27 21:43:25
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Q: Can you refuse a cops request to search your vehicle?
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Do you have to let the cops in your house?

If the police do not have a search warrant, you have the right to refuse letting them into your house.

Do the cops have the right to do a search seizer?

do cops have the right to do search&seizer on someone that is not there

What is search and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

Is a trailer hitch ball violation enough for a search of vehicle ca?

The cops can just about do whatever they want to do and a crooked judge will always side with them!

What is and arrest?

It's when the cops get a search warrent and then they search you and arrest you.

What part of the car do the cops search when they search a car?

Top to bottom. Until they are satisfied. If they find nothing they will usually call in a drug dog anyway. Just always refuse, and remind them you have the right to leave if they do not legally and formally detain you.

How do you download cops and robbrs on minecraft?

go to and search Cops n' Robbers

Can the cops search your room with a search warrant if you rent a room?

yes if they have a search warrant they can search anything they want

Does the cops lights have to be on before you can be charged with fleeing in a vehicle?


Can cops search a beverage?

If an officer had a reasonable suspicion that something in the beverage contributed to a crime (such as drinking in a motor vehicle or possession of alcohol by an underage person), yes, he could search the beverage and determine if a crime had taken place.

If you get pulled over by the cops and refuse to consent to a search is the officer allowed to bring in a police dog to sniff the car?

Yes. But that would not be called a 'search' because it's outside the car. But if you had to wait a long time for the dog to arrive, I would contact a lawyer about that. Added: A law enforcement officer can detain a person as long as is reasonable in order to have a K-9 sweep a vehicle. The main issue is what is "reasonable?" Reasonableness is usually determined in court and there is case law to support a reasonable detention time of between 15 and 30 minutes. You can absolutely refuse a request to have your vehicle searched and can stop a search at any time, unless the law enforcement officer has reasonable suspicion or probable cause to detain you further or keep searching. There is also a "mobile conveyance" rule, but I think that's probably getting a little in the weeds. An officer can call for a K-9 unit to conduct a search of the exterior of your vehicle with no reasonable suspicion or probable cause, as you have no privacy rights in the air outside of your vehicle. Therefore, if a K-9 alerts to the outside of the vehicle probable cause exists that contraband is contained therein.

Do you have to insure or register a vehicle first?

yes because if you get pulled over by the cops then you have to show them the information about your vehicle.

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