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Q: Is there an age limit on applying for car finance?
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Can a 17-year old get a car on finance?

can you get a cra on finance at 17 years of age

What is the legal age to finance a car in Tennessee?


Is there an age limit for Spanish car hire?

The age limit to rent a car in Spain is 21. This is basically the age limit to rent cars in Europe as this limit is used in fifteen other countries. As with any car rental, one would need to have a working drivers license.

What was the age limit to drive the first car invented?

the answer is the age limit was to look old enough to drive

What is the upper age limit for car rental?

There is no upper age limit to rent a car, as long as the person has a valid drivers lic and a major cc.

What is the age limit for leasing a car?

Depending on the law of your residential country it can be any age.

Can kids go on the front seat of the car?

no there's an age limit

Is there an age limit to car seats?

It depends on the state but the usual legal requirement for a car seat is between 4-6. They usually have a height and weight limit.

What is the weight limit in NC to sit in a car seat?

Wieght:80lbs. Age:8 years of age

What is a limit age of leasing a car?

can i lease a vehicle if i am 70 yrs old

Is there any age bar to drive formula one racing car?

Yes there is a age limit for a person to drive a formula car. It is about 22 years.

Can a car dealership deny you after bankruptcy?

Yes, absolutely. They can and they most likely will deny you credit. However if you are paying in full and not applying for finance there would be no reason to deny you.