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The age limit to rent a car in Spain is 21. This is basically the age limit to rent cars in Europe as this limit is used in fifteen other countries. As with any car rental, one would need to have a working drivers license.

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Q: Is there an age limit for Spanish car hire?
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What is maximum age limit to hire a car?

The maximum age limit is based on the car hire companys insurance providers. So you would have to get in contact with the car hire company and ask them.I have just answered a question about the minimal car hire age and the Q&A page also had an answer to this question, so here it is:Q: What is the maximum age to hire?A: The maximum age is 75 years, but if you are older and have a clean driving licence it may be still possible to hire. Ask one of our Vehicle Rental Advisors (08000 51 52 53) and they will check with our Insurance Agents.Resource has been added.

Is there an upper age limit for car hire in Cyprus?

No, but if you are over the age of 70 some car hire firms (although NOT all) will make a surcharge of an extra thousand Euros to cover insurance for older drivers. These tend to be the big multinational hire firms such as Avis and Hertz- Cyprus's own hire firms, such as the Petsas hire company, don't do this, so it pays to try and rent from a local firm if possible.

What is the legal age limit to drive a car in the UK?

The current legal age limit to drive a car in the UK is 17 (16 for those who are eligible through disability), there is no upper age limit.

Is there an age limit on applying for car finance?


What was the age limit to drive the first car invented?

the answer is the age limit was to look old enough to drive

What is the upper age limit for car rental?

There is no upper age limit to rent a car, as long as the person has a valid drivers lic and a major cc.

Can you hire a car if you are under the age of 21?

In the UK you have to be a minimal age of 21. I have got this information from an FAQ page on a car hire company from somerset and dorset. The text is as follows:

How old is age restriction to hire a car in united kingdom?

Yoy have to be the minimal age of 21 to hire a car in the Uk, this is what i have found out from a local compant arounf my area of somerset.

Can you hire a car in Scotland age 76?

Probably not. Usually the upper limit is 75 though it might be worth phoning round the various companies to see if one will consider you.

What age can you hire a car in Cyprus?

In most countries the legal age is 18 years.

Age for hire cars in Europe?

This is taken from a Q&A from a Car Hire Company Yeovil:Q: What is the minimum age to hire?A: The mimimum age is 21 years for small cars and 25 years for anything else.

What is the age limit for leasing a car?

Depending on the law of your residential country it can be any age.

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