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No. In fact, you can renew it up to three months before it's due.

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Q: Is there a grace period in pa. for inspection stickers?
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Is there a grace period for expired inspection sticker in PA?

No. In fact, you can renew it up to three months before it's due.

What color are the PA August 2011 inspection stickers?

CURRENT PA inspections stickers included in August are purple.

What is the consequences for driving with fake inspection stickers in Pa?

Up to 90 days in jail and / or a $500 fine.

If you get a ticket in PA for expired inspection stickers and you get your inspection done is there anything that you can do to avoid paying the fine?

yea you can plead not guilty and goto court...tell them you got it done and 99% of the time they will withdraw the citation.

Can a used car dealer sell a car without a valid inspection sticker in PA?

Yes. A car can be sold in PA (either by an individual or a dealer) without current inspection stickers. It is the buyer's responsibility to have the car inspected within 10 days of purchase. (Taken from PennDOT website)

Can your car pass inspection with your airbag light on in pa?

In pa it will pass an inspection

Where do you place PA license plate stickers?


How much will fines be for no insurance no registration and no inspection in pa?

The fines that you will pay for no insurance, registration, or inspection in PA will depend on the courts.

How much does pa state emissions inspection cost?

Pa state emissions costs $30 and inspection costs $25. What a joke, right?

Is the emission sticker required prior to performing a state inspection in PA?

a Pa state safety inspection sticker CAN NOT be applied prior to the emmissions sticker

Is there a phone charge for pa emission inspection?


What color is the 2012 pa inspection sticker?

Green & Yellow