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Yes. A car can be sold in PA (either by an individual or a dealer) without current inspection stickers. It is the buyer's responsibility to have the car inspected within 10 days of purchase. (Taken from PennDOT website)

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Q: Can a used car dealer sell a car without a valid inspection sticker in PA?
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Can you get an inspection sticker in Virginia without a valid registration card?

In over 40 years, I have never been asked for my vehicle registration when having my auto inspected in Virginia.

Can cops tell if your inspection is valid?

Of course if a cop is passing by you and he see's the sticker on your windshield he will pull you over.

How long can you drive without a car inspection in TX?

As long as the vehicle is not registered in Texas. Once registered, you are always required to have a valid inspection.

What is grace period for expired NYS car registration?

There is no grace period for registration in NYC. If the sticker is expired, you will be given a hefty fine if a traffic cop happens to notice (and they do!). You can be fined even if you paid for your registration renewal but have not yet received it in the mail. The sticker has to be valid and properly displayed. And make sure to remove the old sticker. They can actually give you a fine for that, too. If your registration is expired, or about to expire, go to the DMV in Manhattan right away. They will issue your renewal sticker that day. Inspection stickers, however, do not expire on a specific date. You have until the last day of the month indicated on your sticker to have your vehicle pass inspection. Hope this was helpful!

Are 2.00 overlaid bills valid?

Yes, they are real $2 bills with a sticker applied. They avoid the currency defacement law because the sticker can be peeled off without hurting the underlying bill. Are they worth the $19.95 that they usually cost? Only if you think a sticker is worth $17.95 (the $2 bill you can get from your bank).

Are worn motor mounts a valid reason for inspection fail?

only if they are damage in any way.

Can a park ranger stop to check your car tell you your inspection sticker is invalid because its the wrong color and bring you a ticket days later because he wouldn't look up the violation code?

I'm not certain that "park rangers" have any authority to check inspection stickers at all (side note: some sheriffs and highway patrolmen wear uniforms that might at first glance be mistaken for that of a park ranger, particularly by someone who isn't intimately familiar with the details and was in a place where they'd expect to see a park ranger), but if this isn't a completely hypothetical question and one did in fact do what you've described, then they probably do have that authority. You can challenge it, but you'll likely lose, so f your inspection sticker was, in fact, still invalid on the second visit, then you're boned; pay the fine. If you corrected the sticker in the meantime, then by all means challenge it; you should win. If the sticker is valid despite being "the wrong color", then again, challenge it and you should have no trouble.

Is there a rule on how long the car dealer license should be valid?

Well it varies from country to country and for the USA it depends among the state you are from. For instance, in South Carolina, the dealer license plate is valid for 45 days. In Rhode Island it is valid for 60 days. So it on the location.

Would it be legal to test drive a car before purchase in Missouri with a valid license but without insurance and what would your liability be?

Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

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