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Piston crown is the top, skirt is the side below the ring lands (ring grooves). The as you say, the skirt often has cut aways to clear the counterwieghts on the crankshaft.

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Q: Is the piston skirt the portion that is cut out on one side or is that the piston crown?
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I was told the number 1 piston is at the back side of the motor closet to the passenger side.

What Parts in an engine?

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If they are the same as a 97 Maxima then you twist them, don't compress them. To compress the piston you do it with a 'Disk Brake Piston Tool'. You can get this at Pep Boys for $12. To compress the piston on the passenger side you turn the piston clockwise. To compress the piston on the driver side you turn the piston counter-clockwise. Be careful trying to turn the piston using pliers or some other tool as you may tear the rubber seal around the piston.

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What can cause a 1998 Chevy Silver ado to knock until it warms up and how do you fix it?

The 350 that is used in the pickup trucks is notorious for "piston slap". It's a condition where the bottom "skirt" of the piston wears slightly then when it's cold the piston has a little excessive play at the bottom and "slaps" from side to side until the piston warms and expands. First, it's not considered to be much more than an annoyance. Mechanically it doesn't affect the life expectancy of the engine. Second, if you want to do away with the problem you'd need to find after-market pistons that have an additional oil ring at the bottom of the piston. I've also seen pistons be fitted with a nylon button that centers the bottom of the piston in the cylinder but I don't know if anyone is still doing those. You need to decide how annoying it is and whether you can live with it.

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