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Failure to mantain inspection on vehicle. it falls into this one and can get a ticket

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Q: Is it illegal to drive A car with broken tail lights in the day?
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Is it illegal to drive without tail light?

The law requires for all lights to be on when driving so yes it is illegal to drive without tail light

Are blacked out head lights and tail lights illegal?

Yes it is

Are tinted tail lights illegal in minnesota?

yes they are.

Is it illegal to smoke out tail lights in NJ?


Is it illegal to tint your tail lights in Louisiana?

No, it is not. Only to where you can see the tail lights light up at night and day.

Is having a bad turn signal switch the reason why your tail lights do not work?

No this isn't the reason why your tail lights don't work. Tail-lights and the turn signal are two different systems in the car: if your turn signal is broken that doesn't necessarily mean that your tail-light will be broken.

Is it illegal to black out tail lights on your car in British Columbia?

It sure is.

Is it illegal to take off the lights on the trunk of the Chevy cobalt coupe and get a new trunk hatch?

No it is not illegal, as long as you have operational tail lights, brake lights, signal lights and a plate light.

How do I replace the tail lights on my car?

In order to find out how to replace broken tail lights on a car, one can go to the WikiHow website. The website has a seven step tutorial on how to fix tail lights complete with pictures.

What is the problem if you have tail lights but only one brake light?

The tail light/brake light bulb has two filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, you will get either only tail lights, or brake lights. If a new bulb doesn't work, then you have a broken wire or bad connection in your plug-in.

Is it illegal to black out your tail lights in Texas?

Yes. But not enforced very often.

Is driving with a broken tail light a ticket violation?

If you are riding around with a broken tail light you can get a ticket. Since tail lights are inexpensive you should avoid this ticket by fixing your light.

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