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pushing slowly around a parking lot or repair shop towing ..always tow with drive wheels off the ground. "coasting"...placing transmission in neutral at highway speeds and coasting downhill, for example, very bad for transmission and also illegal in most jurisdictions. Reason: lubrication of internal components is considerably reduced and results in abnormal wear and early transmission failure. Coasting is classified as not having the vehicle under proper control because of the lack of engine braking capability, and also not being able to accelerate immediately if such action is required. Hope this clarifies the issue.

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Q: Is it bad to shift car into neutral while moving?
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Does a bad CV joint make a noise when car in neutral?

Yes it does if the car is moving. Because the CV joint is part of the axil if the car is moving the bad CV joint will be moving too. or No it will not make noise if the car is in neutral and the car is not moving.

How do you tell if your neutral safety switch is bad?

If you have to wiggle the shift lever in park or neutral to get the starter to crank the engine, the neutral safety switch is probably worn or out of adjustment.

Is it bad to put your car in neutral if you are about to run out of gas?

yes ,because when moving in neutral u are not properly lubricationg your transmission

Why are you having difficulty shifting to 1st from neutral in your 2001 manual Jeep Wrangler?

Synchro's are going bad inside the trans, should only be an issue while moving.

Is it a bad thing or does it hurt your automatic car if you were to put it in neutral whenever you go to turn it off Just like you were keeping a stick shift car in neutral Does it affect it at all?

It shouldn't but you might want to make sure you put your emergency brake on, because park keeps your car from moving.

Is it bad to put the gear in neutral while the car is running?


Mazda mx3 1993 wont shift out of park?

The neutral safety switch, release switch, or brake switch is bad.

Is it bad to shift into lower gears while your car is in drive?

no, but dont shift the trans to first when you are going 70

Why does your 81 Yamaha seca 750 die when you shift from neutral to first?

ou probably have a bad side stand safety switchY

If everything seems to be working on a 1990 240 sx why won't it turn over?

maybe neutral safety switch is bad try moving shifter put in neutral

Is it bad if you accidentally shift your car into reverse while you are driving?

Yes, you could severely damage a transmission by shifting into reverse while moving forward. But the odds of the transmission actually going into reverse are not good because there are safety mechanisms in place to prevent it from happening.

Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive while the car is in motion?

Yes; it could damage the transmission.