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Yes; it could damage the transmission.

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Q: Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive while the car is in motion?
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Can the neutral safety switch cause your Catera to not move while in drive?

No a neutral safety switch allows your car to come out of park.

Can the neutral safety switch cause your catera to act like its in neutral while its in drive?

No your car just wont come out of park.

What does the neutral safety switch do on Chevy S-10?

it prevents you from starting the engine while the transmission is in either DRIVE or REVERSE

How do you put an Isuzu axiom into 4 wheel drive?

Switch to TOD and drive about 5mph. Once all 4 tires light, switch to 4H while rolling slowly and in neutral. Might have to step on brake?

Does your 99 5 spd xlt have to be in neutral to engage 4x4 or can you switch it in anytime?

you can switch it anytime, but it is better if you stop and do it while in nuetral if it has a two setting 4x4 drive, i.e. 4Hi and 4Lo, then you can simply switch into 4hi whenever you want. you should only switch into 4lo when you are in neutral though.

How will you know if the neutral switch is bad in a 89 Ford Crown Victoria?

put it in drive gear and try and start it if it does start while in gear its bad if it doesnt its good.

How do you test neutral safety switch on 2000 dodge ram 2500?

Try starting the vehicle while it's in gear. If it starts, your neutral safety switch is faulty.

Daewoo nubira when you shift back to N before stop RPM goes higher for a while Is it a problem how to solve?

The reason is that when you shift to neutral, the engine is released from the drive, and so there is no longer a load on the motor and it momentarily speeds up. I don't know who taught you to drive, they didn't do a good job. You should NEVER PUT THE TRANSMISSION IN NEUTRAL WHILE THE CAR IS IN MOTION!!!!!!!!

Why wont my car start after automatic shifter in 'drive' or 'reverse' while key is removed?

It needs to be in park or neutral to start. All cars have a "safety" switch which prevents starting in gear.

How do you switch to four wheel drive with a ford sport trac?

to switch to 4 wheel drive ona sport trac can be done while driving from 2wd to 4wd high at speeds not exceeding 80mph. to put in 4low you need to be stopped and the best bet is put your truck in neutral till it engages

What is the function of the Neutral Safety Switch on a 1998 Ford Windstar?

The Ford Neutral Safety Switch is an electronic part with the main function to stop the vehicle from getting started while in gear. The truck will not start when the switch is faulty.

My 1999 Chevy Blazer is stuck in 4Lo how do i get it out and back into 2Hi?

You have to be stopped with the transmission in neutral when you shift in or out of low 4 wheel drive. Park doesn't work as neutral. When you push the rocker switch up for high 4 wheel drive once you will be in high 4 wheel drive, push it again for high 2 wheel drive, you can shift between high 2 and 4 wheel drive while you are driving.