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It could be. It depends on the reason why the ABS light is on.

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Q: Is driving your car with the ABS light on dangerous?
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Does it hurt to drive the car when the abs light on?

Well, it won't hurt you, but it might hurt the car. No harm in driving the car but if the need for the ABS to function comes up, it's not going to work.

What does it mean when your abs light is on in a Mercedes benz 190-e?

Your ABS light being on indicates that the ABS system is not functional. You need to get it checked otherwise you would be driving a car without the safety of Anti-Lock Braking System(ABS).

How dangerous is it to drive a vehicle with abs sensor going?

Not dangerous. When ABS lite is on means that ABS is not working, brakes will work just like a car without ABS.

What is the ABS light it came on while i was driving?

it is the light telling you that your brakes are not performing the best they can. take the car to a service shop and get your brakes done.

What can happen if you install axles without abs and your car has abs?

The ABS light will remain on and the ABS will not function.

What do i do when abs light comes on?

jump out of your car

Why would your anti lock light stay on your 1993 Lincoln town car?

The ABS light is on because there is a problem with the ABS system. The ABS light will remain on until it is fixed. The ABS system will not function as long as the ABS light remains on.

What does the abs light mean in a car?

ABS means Anti-lock Braking System. If the light is on and stays on, your ABS system has malfunctioned somehow and is not operating.

Why does abs light remains on when car running?

Because the car thinks that there's something wrong with the ABS system. Get it checked out.

How do you reset the abs light?

There are many ways to resent an ABS light. You could for example look up the manual for the car.

How do you reset the ABS on your car?

You have a problem with the ABS system. Get it repaired and the tech will reset the light at this time.

What does the ABS light mean in a 97 Cavalier?

The ABS light coming on means that the abs is not working. When braking hard the car could lock up the tires and slide.

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