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Not dangerous. When ABS lite is on means that ABS is not working, brakes will work just like a car without ABS.

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Q: How dangerous is it to drive a vehicle with abs sensor going?
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Why is my 2002 Ford Escape not going into drive but it's going into reverse?

my 2002 ford escape sensor is misfiring and it won't shift into drive

What is maf?

On a vehicle it is a Mass AirFlow sensor. It measures the amount of air going into the engine.

If your vehicle speed sensor is going out would that cause your check engine light to come on?

It could

Why is it dangerous to jump out of a moving vehicle and How can the danger be minimized?

it is dangerous to jump out of a movinng vehicle because you can get very injured and it cant really be minimized much unless the thing is going as slow as a snail :)

What is a vss sensor on a 1996 Beretta and where is it located?

A VSS sensor is the Vehicle speed sensor and it is located on the transmission. It tells the computer how fast you are going and operates the speedometer and the ABS system.

How do you create a drive cycle on 2001 dodge 1500?

You start the vehicle, when the computer sees that the vehicles started like someone is going to drive it, its a drive cycle

Do teenagers have to be added onto a policy?

If they are going to drive, they must be a listed driver on a vehicle in the household.

Can you drive a vehicle without a working transmission?

Of course not. Without a working transmission you are going nowhere.

How far can you drive with 500ml of gas?

It depends how fast you're going and the vehicle engine size

Why is the speedometer not working?

The sensor in the differential may be bad. Also the wires going to the sensor may have rubbed against a brake line causing them to short. The sensor in mounted on top of the differential and reads the vehicle speed.

What is the Function of vehicle speed sensor?

It's used for the speedometer and the cars ECU (computer). It tells both how fast your going.

Thermo sensor is bad in the 1993 Honda civic what do you do?

If you are reffering the the Tempature Sensor. That is located on the head pretty much underneith the distributor. Signs that your Tempature Sensor is going out or faulty are once the vehicle is at full operating tempatures & it is turned off. the vehicle will have trouble starting back up. The vehicle will only have trouble turning on when engine is warm. no problem on a cold start.