Is death by car exhaust painful?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It's like drowning. You choke. You can't breath. Lungs collapse. You die from lack of oxygen

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Q: Is death by car exhaust painful?
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What health issuse with car exhaust fumes?


Is car exhaust matter?

Yes. If you didnt have an exhaust running the fumes away from the cabin of the car, gasses will eventually seep into the cabin and can/will suffocate you to death.

What are the health effects of Carbon Monoxide from car exhaust fumes?


Is death by starvation a painless death or a painful death?

it is a slow painful death

How long till death if you were to commit suicide by routing your exhaust fumes into your car?


Is drowning a painful death?

It is painful

Is death by antifreeze painful?

Is death painful buy antifreeze and how long does it take for someone to die from it and what amount

Is it painful to die from carbon monoxide poisoning?

No, obviously not as long the CO is not produced with noxious other gases such as in car exhaust. That's why it's called a "silent killer" many victims die unknowingly in their sleep. If there were pain or sensation at all, it wouldn't be a source of accidental death.

How dangerous is car exhaust to breathe?

If you breathe in car exhaust for long periods it can cause death so is therefore very dangerous. It has also been linked to high numbers of asthma cases in city centres with lots of traffic.

Is it painful to die from car exhaust carbon dioxide?

No, you just fall asleep. This is why its so popular. Providing you have access to a car, vacuum cleaner hose, duct tape , and some time alone with said objects.

Why do you smell car exhaust when there is no car exhaust?

there is always exhaust (expect when the engine's off or hybird) unless you are too close to the car in front of you.

Where will you find an exhaust?

You will find an exhaust on a car