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Q: Is considered an option in a new car?
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Is battery considered an option in a new car?

automatic windows

When is a new car considered used?

When you use it.

If you buy a new car and decide you do not like if after a year what should you do?

trading in the car is probably your best option or you can sell it :)

What are the average costs of new cars?

Depending on the car you buy and your financing option, but you can buy a car from anywhere 5,000 to 60,000.

Is an Isuzu D-Max considered a new car?

yes it is new in Malaysia it is the most fuel efficent car. and it is 3000cc quite strong car

Can you trade in your used car for a new one?

Used cars give you know value, unless they are antique (as depreciation reverses). Buying a new car is good option.

How many miles can a new car have before it is considered a used car?

Whether a car is considered new or used is more a legal distinction than a mileage distinction. A new car is considered used as soon as it is sold by the dealer even if it only has 3 or 4 miles on it. As such, the price of a very low-mileage used vehicle is substantial less than a new vehicle which is why I would never buy a new vehicle.

How many miles can a new car in Pennsylvania have before it is considered a used car?

A NEW UNUSED vehicle has never been titled. Once it is titled, even if it has ZERO miles, it is then considered used.

Is the 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix considered a muscle car?

It is a personal luxury car. It was built on an intermediate chassis, but the length of the hood categorizes it so. When equipped with a 428 (SJ option) I would consider it a personal luxury/muscle car. To qualify as a typical muscle car, which it is not, it would first have to be considered an intermediate car.

How would one go about getting a car customized?

If you are looking to customize your car, your best option is through the car company's website. When you purchase a new car, you have the option of customizing it to meet your needs. You can add bonus features such as upgraded stereo systems, security features and entertainment units.

What is the difference between a basic option car and full option car?

The difference between a basic and full option car is the basic car has just your standard options. They have roll up windows and basic radio, The full option have electric windows, car alarm, heated seats in some.

Is there a car dealer in Sacramento?

There are many car dealers in Sacramento. You have the option of used versus new dealers all over the city. Sacramento is very competitive in the car industry.

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