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There are many car dealers in Sacramento. You have the option of used versus new dealers all over the city. Sacramento is very competitive in the car industry.

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Q: Is there a car dealer in Sacramento?
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Where is a Smart car dealer in Sacramento, California?

There is a Smart Center dealership on 2625 Arden Way Sacramento, CA 96825. Their phone number is 916.484.5994.

If the car dealer lies to you?

can a car dealer promise to make repairs and not do it

Where can one make a car donation in Sacramento?

One can make a car donation in Sacramento with the 'Action Donation Services' organization. One can arrange a donation by phone or fill out the online form. Another organization one can donate a car to is the 'Komen Sacramento Car Donation Program'.

Can you buy a car from a dealer and resell to another dealer?

yes you can. a vehicle can go to any car dealer. no restrictions

How do you get a wholesale car dealer's license in NJ?

How do you get a wholesale car dealer's license in NJ?

How do you get a car dealer license in Philadelphia Pennsylvania?

How to get a car dealer lisence in philadelphia pa

What does part exchange mean in car dealer ship?

It means that the dealer might accept your car as a part of payment but of course the dealer and you have to agree on a price for your car.

Your new car was dented by the dealer when taken in to get an alarm installed 2 days after factory purchas. Can you get a new car exchange if the dealer put a dent in your car?

If a dealer dented your new car, you are not eligible for a new car. The dealer is responsible for fixing the dent only.

Can a dealer collect on repo unpaid balance?

Yes - if the car loan was with the dealer, the dealer can sue the debtor for the balance of the car loan after the car is sold to someone else.

How many miles from Sacramento California to Fairfield California?

The number of miles from Sacramento California to Fairfield California is 43 miles by car. It takes 45 minutes by car.

What companies offer car rental in Sacramento?

In the Sacramento area, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise, Budget, Kayak car rental companies have car rental locations. Several other smaller car rental companies have locations in the area.

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in new york?

How do you get a car dealer and broker license in pa?

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