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There is no state law governing open containers in a motor vehicles, however about 30 municipalities have laws for their jurisdiction.

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Q: In Missouri can a passenger of a motor vehicle have an open alcohol container if the driver is a minor?
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Can you drive in Alberta with a passenger who is drinking alcohol?

It is not legal in Alberta to drive a motor vehicle with an open container of alcohol. This law also affects the passenger who is drinking alcohol.

Is it legal to carry an open container of alcohol in your vehicle?

Yes, as of 2005, Colorado does have open container laws. No open container is allowed anywhere in the passenger compartment of a passenger vehicle while on a public highway. There are exceptions such as limos, etc. It's a Class A offense that carries a $50 fine.

Can a passenger drink alcohol in a car in Virginia?

Negative. Open containers are illegal in every state. This answer is false. There are 7 states where there are no open container laws. While it is illegal for the driver to consume alcohol, passengers may do so. Mississippi actually allows the driver to consume alcohol. Virginia is one of the 7 that has no open container law pertaining to a passenger in a motor vehicle.

Can you have a open alcohol container on your boat in Tx?

No. This law, effective 9/1/2001, prohibits the possession of an open container of an alcoholic beverage in the passenger area of a motor vehicle. It does not apply to watercraft.

Can a passenger drink in a moving vehicle?

In just about every state, no a passenger cannot, according to the law, drink in a moving vehicle. This violates the open container law.

To carry an open container of alcohol in your vehicle only if?

it is in a brown bottle and it is still illegal

If your in a motor vehicle and have a open bottle or container of alcohol what is the consiquence?

That depends on the state or province.

It is legal to carry an open unsealed container of alcohol in your vehicle only if?

it is in the trunk!Does it have to contin liquid

Is it legal to have unsealed alcohol in your trunk?

no you're not allowed to if a police sees you well you are going to jail. In most states (39) and in Canada, open alcohol in a container would be permitted in a locked trunk providing there is no access from within the vehicle. The open alcohol laws cover the passenger area of any motor vehicle, including unlocked glove compartments and any other areas of the vehicle that are readily accessible to the driver or passengers while in their seats.

Can you drink in a fifteen passenger van?

Dui laws prevent the drinking of alcoholic beverages in any vehicle. A 15 passenger van is considered a motor vehicle, and the driver could be charged with not only dui, but an open container.

Can a passenger drink in a car in Nevada?

No, if referring to alcohol, a passenger in Nevada cannot drink in a car. It is illegal to drink any type of alcohol while in a vehicle.

What fraction of the child passenger who died in alcohol impaired driving crashes in 2008 were riding in the vehicle with the alcohol impaired driver?

one half