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That will cause you to lose control, since braking will be uneven. Take foot OFF the gas, brake gradually, slow WAY down, ease back unto pavement.

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If the vehicle has ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) you can go ahead and slam the brakes because the ABS will allow you steer and not lose control.

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Q: If your right wheels are off the pavement slam on your brakes.?
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How would you bring a car onto the pavement after running off the pavement?

-Don't slam on the brakes -Grip steering wheel -Take foot off gas -Gently apply brakes -Check traffic and return to pavement

Can you drive a vehicle if the anti lock brakes go out?

yes, the only purpose of the anti-lock system is to keep the wheels from locking up when you slam on the brakes. The brakes them selves function as usual. You will just have the chance of locking your wheels up and sliding if you slam on them.

Why antilock breaking system is widely used?

I hope I understand your question. Anti-lock brakes are used to keep your brakes from locking if you slam them on. If your wheels lock, your tires will skid on the pavement. This will increase your stopping time and possibly throw your car into an uncontrollable skid since one front wheel may skid before the other. Wet pavement exacerbates the problem.

Advantages of of abs brakes in car?

In a car without ABS, if you slam on the brakes, your wheels will lock and your car will skid. ABS prevents the wheels from locking by releasing the brakes if you start to loose traction.

What is anti locking brake in cars?

if you slam on the brakes hard then the wheels dont lock up

If your right wheels go off the road do you just slam on your brakes?

NO No. That would undoubtedly be a fatal thing to do. If you do that, you could start skidding out of control and crash into something or someone and you really didn't mean to.

Antilock brakes are the same as conventional brakes?

An anti-lock braking system, or ABS is a safety system which prevents the wheels on a motor vehicle from locking up (or ceasing to rotate) while braking. anti lock brakes were designed so that when you do a "panic stop" or slam on your brakes, it will control your wheels so they dont slip or loose traction.

Is lock your brakes the same as slam on brakes?

Yes it is.

Why do you keep moving when you slam the brakes on your bicycle?

even though wheels are locked, and not rolling, road friction allows bike to slide until coming to stop

Why do keep moving forward when you slam on the brakes on your bicycle?

When you slam on the brakes on your bicycle, momentum causes the bike and rider to continue moving forward until the friction between the tires and the ground brings them to a stop. The sudden stop can also cause the rider to be thrown forward due to inertia.

Why do you keep moving foward when you slam on the brakes on your bike?


If you find yourself suddenly without headlights slam on your brakes?