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Q: If you find yourself suddenly without headlights slam on your brakes?
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How do you use the word brakes in a sentence?

The driver suddenly applied the brakes.

Why do you move forward when your car brakes suddenly?


What do you do if you must stop suddenly in an emergency?

If your vehicle has abs brakes, just apply the brakes hard and steer away from danger. If the vehicle does not have abs brakes, try to apply the brakes without locking up the wheels and going into a skid then steer away from danger. If you lock up the brakes and go into a skid you will lose control of your steering.

What are some parts in a vehicle?

Engine, muffler, wheels, brakes, bumper, headlights,

1992 Acura Legend your headlights wont turn off from the switch but the tail lighs do the head lights stay on?

try e brakes..turn the e brakes on and see if it turns off.if it does then you have suto headlights

Why do you fall forward when a car brakes suddenly?

Because you are decelerating sharply

Is it possible to fix your brakes yourself?

Yes it is possible to replace brakes yourself. If you have the tools and a little background in cars, you should not have a problem replacing the brakes on the car.

How do you bleed brakes on a 2004 Chevy 2500 truck?

If you have to ask how to bleed brakes, do not do it yourself.

Which of the following is an example of inertia?

Your experience when a moving vehicle suddenly brakes or a parked vehicle suddenly accelerates are some of many examples in reality.

What would cause a 94 Grand Prix to suddenly stop while driving?


Are go karts street legal in Virginia?

Yes if they have headlights and brakes and all of the riders are wearing a helmet.

What do I do if the brake light came on in my 2002 Ford Ranger brake is not on but the brakes seem suddenly super squishy?

You probably need to change your back brakes.

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