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Whether or not someone is covered under your insurance policy in the event of an accident should be outlined in your individual policy. Insurance coverages also vary from state to state and the type of limitations on the individual policy could also be a deciding factor on if someone was covered while driving.

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Q: If your boyfriend wrecks your car is he covered?
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What are the different types of car insurance available in Texas?

You can get comprehensive insurance. These means that you will be covered for wrecks where you are at fault as well as weather damage or freak accidents.

How do most car wrecks happen?

Distracted driving.

Do wrecks depreciate the value of a new car?


18 year old car wrecks?

it has been proven that 18 year old get in 22% more wrecks that younger teens!!!

If you have car insurance and your child takes it without your permisson and wrecks your car are you covered?

only if you have full covrage.if you only have liabilty your screwed unless they had your's called auto theft to the insurance co.if you don't press charges,then you get to pay for everything.

What are the release dates for Blossom - 1990 Car Wrecks and Marriage 3-17?

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If someone steals your car and wrecks it can you license be suspended?

it can if they find that you lied about your car being stolen.

If someone who has auto liability insurance borrows your car and wrecks it, would your vehicle loss be covered?

Generally speaking, the personal auto liability coverage follows the car, not the driver. The driver had your permission which in legal terms, means you agree and accept there may be consequences.

What happens if an underage driver takes his friend car and wrecks the car?

The underaged driver's parents are responsible for the damage to the car.

Do women cause car wrecks?

Yes - but so does men. And pretty much any way you cut it, men are responsible for more wrecks than women.

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How many car wrecks happen a day?

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