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It is best to, stop the car at the side and take a nap first.

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Q: If you are drowsy while driving it is best to?
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If you get drowsy while driving it is best to?

get out of your car and walk around.

If you drowsy while driving it is best to?

It is best to, stop the car at the side and take a nap first.

Can you get a ticket for driving while tired?

The law takes a dim view of drowsy driving. If you are caught driving while drowsy or you fall asleep at the wheel, you can be charged with careless or dangerous driving. If you are involved in a fatal accident, you can be charged with dangerous driving. This can result in a prison sentence of up to fourteen years.

What percentage of Driving while drowsy is responsible for fatal collisions?

25 percent

What is a drowsy driver?

One that is so tired that he/she may fall asleep at the wheel while driving.

Why do you feel drowsy while driving?

you may have been driving for an extremely long time or you may not have slept well the previous night

Highway hypnosis is related to what?

Drowsy driving, driving with a fixed stare rather than moving your eyes, and driving on a straight road for an extended period of time.

What is hypnosis related to?

Drowsy driving

What are the Connecticut state driving laws for Drowsy Driving?

you will be guilty if you get in accident.

What was the first state to have a law against drowsy driving?

New Jersey

Serious signs that you are drowsy and should not be driving are?

All of these answers are correct

How do you stay awake when you are drowsy at the wheel?

When you are drowsy and driving you should NOT continue to drive or use anything to stimulate your senses/reactions. You need to rest.