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Possibly. Being the owner of the vehicle, you assumed some of the responsibiliy when you loaned it to the other person. A lot of it depends on the circumstances surrounding the accident, though. Contact your insurance company and give them all the facts regarding the accident, and they can give you a more detailed answer. I would also advise you to get a copy of the accident report before you contact them, which you can get from the police precinct or sheriffs department that worked the accident. yes you can. anyone who drives your car is using your insurance unless you have insurance that covers any driver. Yes, as stated above, it is possible for you to be sued. But, it can still depend on the circumstances of the accident, the type of policy you have, and even whether or not that person had your permission to drive your car. Check your policy for any exclusions, as well as liability limitations.

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Q: If someone drove your car and hit someone can you be sued?
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If a car hits your car and makes you hit someone walking on the side walk who gets sued?

Who actually gets sued is up to the person that got hit, but ideally the person who hit your car first and not you.

What if you hit someone's car in a lot and put your number on the car then drove away?

That is the responsible thing to do. You did what was right.

How did Alexis Cohen American idol contestant die?

a hit and run ascendent meaning, someone hit her with their car and then drove off.

Can my son's estate be sued by the person driving the car he hit?

Yes, the estate can be sued. It would be a claim against the estate.

If you hit someones car and drove away what would you do?

You would be committing a hit-and-run, and be arrested.

If someone drove your car without permission or a valid driver's license and hit another car and totaled your car will the insurance company cover it?

Yes, in most cases, but have mercy on the person that took your car. The insurance company will go after them

You were hit by a persons car who was rear ended by someone else whose responsible?

The driver who caused the original collision which then drove the intermediate car into your vehicle. The insurance company of the car that actually hit yours (the intermediate car) will undoubtedly become involved, however the insuror of the original striking vehicle will bear the greatest liability.

If you hit a parked car but stopped and saw that there weren't any damages to the car you hit is it still wrong to drive away?

If the person hit your car and they drove away with no damage, and you know them, just tell them what they did but in reailty, yes, it is called hit and run.

What would happen to someone who hit someone richer then them?

you would most likely be took off of that place by body guards and sued

What do you ask the insurance company for if your car was hit while parked?

If your car was hit while parked and the other driver drove off, then you ask for payment under your collision coverage.

Your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away?

Are you asking a question or just making a statement? "If your car was hit outside your house and the driver drove away, are you covered by insurance?" This would most likely be covered by your comprehensive insurance and you will likely have to pay a 500.00 deductable.

Can my band be sued?

That depends on what your band has done. If you've done a cover of a song, you can't be sued aslong as you credit it to the original artists. If you've called your band the same name as someone else's band then you could be sued if they find out. If you've hit someone over the head with a can of dry ice, then you can also be sued, or even prosecuted.