Can my band be sued

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That depends on what your band has done.

If you've done a cover of a song, you can't be sued aslong as you credit it to the original artists.

If you've called your band the same name as someone else's band then you could be sued if they find out.

If you've hit someone over the head with a can of dry ice, then you can also be sued, or even prosecuted.

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Q: Can my band be sued
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Has the band Good Charlotte ever been sued?

They have been threatened with sueing. but have never actually beeen sued.

What song did one direction get sued for?

they didnt get sued for a song but the name "One Direction" is already the name of another band :)

What famous rock band sued NAPSTER for copyright infringement?


Has Evanescence ever been sued?

Not as a band, but Amy Lee was sued by Dennis Rider, her former manager. He sued her for breach of contract because he felt he was prematurely fired. She filed several countersuits claiming that he sexually harassed her, boasted about abusing women, and used band funds to buy things for his mistress.

Can you steal the name of a famous band?

No. If they are famous, everyone who hears about you will say, 'There's already a band called ___' and think you're stupid for not knowing; also, if the band themselves hear about it, you could easily get sued. Not advisable to steal the names of smaller bands, either. Nirvana did it and got sued.

Which is a better band van halen or metallica?

probably metallica. Metallica sued their fans.

Did Aqua the band that performed the song Barbie Girl get sued by Mattel?

yes they did mattel is a bery popular co. and was alloud by the gov. to sue any co.they chose the band that sung the barbie song and ended up sued that's all 42day an other questions

Who sued the other band members to put the name of Pink Floyd down to rest for good?

Roger Waters.

Did one direction change their name?

No, they haven't. They were sued by a American band with the same name, but have made no changes, and aren't expected to.

Is there a band called tears of blood?

No, they use it in TV shows such as, Wizards Of Waverly Place to avoid copyright and getting sued :)

Did 30 second to mars get sued?

Yes, 30 Seconds To Mars were sued $30 million for not sticking to their contract. They were originally set to bring out five studio records but did not want to. So, Virgin Records sued the band. See the meaning of This Is War, 30 Seconds To Mars third studio album.

Is one direction getting sued for having the same name as another band?

They were, but they are able to keep the name now. There's a rumor that they are sueing the other band now for using them to get more known.