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Request the replaced parts be returned to you when you pick up your vehicle.

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Q: If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle?
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If parts are replaced when you have work done on your vehicle .?

Request the replaced parts be returned to you when you pick up your vehicle.

Before you have work done on your vehicle?

get a detailed estimate that includes the service, the parts, and the labor costs

What is interchangeable parts?

It's a part that a vehicle has that will work on more than one type of vehicle.

What is overhauling?

A general term for major engine work that usually requires removing the engine from the vehicle, and rebuilding or replacing internal components (e.g. pistons, connecting rods, valves). The amount of parts that are replaced depends on the condition of all internal parts.

Where does warranty work need to be done?

In most cases warranty work for automobiles needs to be done at an authorized dealer of the make of vehicle in question.

Does it take time for the air get colder if you have replaced the air compressor?

If the work was done correctly, no.

Can you get compensation for major custom work done on a financed vehicle that has been repossessed?

No. You wanted the custom work; it belongs to you. No one will pay you for customizing your own vehicle.

How often is it advised have comprehensive maintenance work done for your vehicle?

Read the owner's manual

Why is dissection done?

Dissection is done to help learn things, for example body parts, the way things work.

What is the difference between joint replacement and total joint replacement?

Parts of joints may be replaced to make the whole work beter. or the whole thing can be replaced,

Why does the right low beam headlight still not work after the bulb and fuse have been replaced in my 2004 Toyota solara?

What vehicle is this for?

What is a jack?

It is a device used to raise the vehicle off the roadwheels so that work can be done beneath it.

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