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Challenges to hydrogen as fuel include no distribution network, ie gas stations, and fear that the car co u l d explode like the Hindenburg.

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Q: Hydrogen-powered cars create less pollution than gasoline-powered cars when driven. What might be a challenge to using hydrogen as a fuel?
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Does hydrogen cause pollution when it burns?

No, hydrogen produces water (H2O) when it burns.

What are the positive aspects for hydrogen?

it helps to avoid pollution

Are cars that run on hydrogen cause air pollution?

no it does not

Is using hydrogen as a fuel in cars?

Hydrogen can be used as fuel in carsbecause it don't cause any pollution

Why combustion of hydrogen would produce less pollution?

The only product of the combustion of hydrogen is water vapor.

What is a sentence with hydrogen?

Hydrogen is the simplest element in the universe. Combining hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell would produce energy without pollution.

Which fuel causes minimum environmental pollution. A hydrogen B coal C diesel D kerosene?


Why are hydrogen cars better than petrol cars?

less pollution

What is the effect of hydrogen chloride gas on environmental pollution?

cause acid rain

How do hydrogen cars produce less pollution than fossil fuels?

The direct pollution of a hydrogen-powered car is just water vapor, which is very clean. However, the TOTAL pollution of a hydrogen-powered car is higher than a fossil-fuel powered car. Pure hydrogen is difficult to obtain here on Earth. You need to make the hydrogen by breaking down other compounds that contain hydrogen, and that often takes a lot of either electric energy or natural gas. The electricity needed to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen generally comes from coal or natural gas, both fossil fuels. So, hydrogen cars or electric cars are just a way of sending the pollution someplace else, not eliminating it completely.

Why would using hydrogen as a fuel cause no pollution?

well its cause they didn't produce it

How would pollution affect living organisms that rely cohesion?

It effects them because when the hydrogen bonds form the pollution will also go into the formation too.

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