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New fueling stations that can handle hydrogen would have to be built.

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This is wrong it
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The combustion of hydrogen is too violent to useful to the public.
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this is right for apex
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new is correct for apex
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The combustion of hydrogen is too violent to be useful to the public Apex

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Q: What is a challenge to using hydrogen as a fuel because hydrogen powered cars create less pollution than gasoline powered cars?
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Why does gasoline interfere with the hydrogen bonding between ethanol molecules?

Possible because gasoline is nonpolar.

How is pollution a challenge to beach tourism?

because people could not be bothered to pick up there rubbish, therefore it creates pollution.

Why is pollution a major problem?

Because of things like factories, gasoline, ethanol, and are-sol. Things of that sort.

What are some concerns with coral reefs as there life?

because of water pollution (boats, gasoline, oil, etc.) coral reefs are dying because they cannot withstand the pollution so they disintegrate

Why is air pollution is harmful?

Because it fills our air with harmful chemicals such has carbon monoxide and hydrogen.

Negative effects of gasoline?

gasoline is hurting our environment Pollution is being made because of automobiles; people are dying in the war to fight for oil or gas in Iraq and the gasoline prices have effect on hotel rooms in the United States.

How would pollution affect living organisms that rely cohesion?

It effects them because when the hydrogen bonds form the pollution will also go into the formation too.

Are hydrogen cars more or less than a gas car?

Hydrogen cars aren't as popular as a traditional petrol car, so the cost of a hydrogen car would probably be a little more expensive just because they aren't mass produced. When it comes to refilling, the hydrogen costs about the same as gasoline, but the best thing is that the hydrogen will be priced consistently if it can be produced efficiently in the future, because unlike gasoline and oil, it is renewable.

Why is gasoline called gasoline?

Gasoline is called Gasoline because we call it Gasoline. Or is it called Gasoline because it IS Gasoline - Existentialism

Why don't air balloons use hydrogen gas?

Because hydrogen is EXTREMELY flammable and can burn from a wide range of air concentrations. It is more flammable than gasoline.

What are some ways humans are trying to reduce air pollution?

some ways that humans try to reduce air pollution are:(1.) walking: when people walk instead of drive or take a bus, it reduces air pollution, because whenever a bus or car (or other automobile) takes you somewhere, it burns gasoline and then it is released into the atmosphere as pollution. walking, biking, running, jogging, or taking your skooter or other transportation device can help reduce air pollution because neither of them require using gasoline. Also, if your lawn mower requires gasoline, you could switch to a lawn mower that doesn't require gasoline to work. These kinds of lawn mowers have only blades that rotate as you push them forward, and cutting the grass.

How much water is produced while burning one gallon of gasoline?

Burning 1 gallon of gasoline produces 1.52 gallons of water. How this is calculated:1 gallon of gasoline weights 8.66lbs, of which 1.4 lbs is Hydrogen, as gasoline contains 16% Hydrogen and 84% carbon by weight.This assumes gasoline has the chemical formula of C8H18, the same as Octane.Water is 11% Hydrogen and 89% Oxygen by weight. One gallon of water weights 8.35lbs, and contains .92 lbs of Hydrogen, and 7.43 lbs of oxygen.Therefore since hydrogen burned or in, equals hydrogen out after combustion, therefore 1.4 lbs of hydrogen burned, equals 1.4 lbs of hydrogen in the H20 or water created in combustion. By weight, 1.4 lbs of hydrogen divided by the weight of .92 lbs of hydrogen in water, equals 1.52. So 1.4 lbs of hydrogen in 1 gallon of gasoline, is converted to more gallons of water because gasoline contains more hydrogen per gallon, then does water.

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