How you get auto click on boombang?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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On YouTube search boombang auto clicker mediafire or have this auto

Auto Click 3.0 by shocker

Hope i helped c:

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Q: How you get auto click on boombang?
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How do you get auto click for ring on boombang?

search an auto clicker. never download from someone it could be a hack. search an auto clicker.

What is auto for boombang?

i answer it ;)

What do you type in to get into a spaceship on boombang?

You just click on the typing thing and type

Where do you get auto click on boombang?

Using an auto clicker in Boombang is considered cheating and against the game's terms of service. It gives players an unfair advantage over others and can lead to penalties, such as being banned from the game. It's recommended to play the game fairly and enjoy it without the use of such tools.

On boombang how do you send kisses?

Click the lip mark icon on the person you want to kiss, then stand beside them.

How do you put furniture in your home in boombang?

the furniture in your backpack the one with the geen tags are the ones you click and drag to selected room

What is better Habbo or boombang?

habbo is way better than boombang because i have an acount on boombang.habbo is way better

How do you become a moderator in boombang?

No way!

Are there any games that are like boombang?

Yes. there are many games like boombang Maple story, Habbo hotel, sherwood and many more. hope this helps.

Is it true because you can buy Boombang credits for free?


How do you find the boombang cheat?

go on youtube they have many cheats

Games like boombang?

clubpenguin fantage barbiegirl hobbo hotel