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Ok clean scrap steel goes at about $.06 a pound near me. Dirty meaning glass plastic, fabric not removed, no payment.

They will take it but not pay

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Q: How much would you get if you scraped a car door?
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How much would it cost to fix a car door which has unhinged?


How much would it cost you to get door handles put on your car?

Probably an hour or a half. It depends.

How expensive are car door protectors typically?

Car door protectors can vary between $20 and $100 depending on what kind of car door protector one wants to get and how much a person is willing to invest in a car door protector.

How much does a 2 door car weighs?

It depends on the car size and design.

How much would it cost to replace entire rear door panel of a 1993 Toyota Camry?

its probably cheaper to just buy a used door. of course this doesnt account for any damage to the car, or blending of the panels. look on for a used door

Door to door car wash yard sale or both?

It depends on how much help you have, how much you would have for a yard sale, and other factors. If you do a car wash, it would be better to do it at a high visibility location and let the customers come to you. You could have a yard sale at the same location at the same time if you have enough people helping.

How much does a Buick car door weigh?

around 150pounds

Who is at fault when person opens their car door in traffic and the door is hit by a person speeding?

It is the person who opens the door. Of course it is dangerous to speed, but surely you would see a fast car coming towards you, so if you were smart, you would wait until the car has past :)

If you were locked in a car with one hammer what would you do to get out?

unlock the door

What do you do if your car goes into water?

Get out of it. You'll probably have to smash the window in order to do this, as the force of water against a car door even 1/3 of the way up the door will be too much for you to be able to open the door.

How much would you pay for a auto glasses for all four of the car door windows Car seats for the front and back The 4 car doors itself an Trunk and a Paint Job for a 1993 Corsica Chevy?

too much for it to be worth it ur lookin at easily a brand new car for all that

What would penetrate a car door made of aluminum?

gamma ray