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unlock the door

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2011-08-25 17:10:15
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Q: If you were locked in a car with one hammer what would you do to get out?
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How do you break in a car in gta sa?

You can't break into locked cars, but if you get a tow truck and tow the locked car into one of your garages and save the game, the car will be unlocked.

How can one prevent thieves from stealing their property?

Exactly how one can prevent someone from stealing their property would depend on what and where that property is. First and foremost, one needs to keep their valuable possessions locked. Lock one's house, keep valuable items such as expensive jewelry and watches locked in a safe, and keep one's car locked.

What are you going to do with a hammer to survive in Antarctica?

Your answer depends on what you plan to hit with the hammer in order to survive. It's possible that if one is nearby, you could use a hammer to break into a hut, although except for private areas, most buildings are not locked.

Why would one use a phase locked loop?

There are many reasons why one would choose to use a phase locked loop. One would use a phase locked loop for purposes such as clock recovery and noise reduction.

Where can one purchase a Hammer car?

A hammer for use to bust out a window and escape from a car can be purchased online from any business which features car escape tools. Local automotive parts stores may also sell these.

Describe the action and reaction forces when a hammer hits a nail?

The action force is similar to the example of bumper cars "bumping". If one bumper car bumps into another, the bumper car looses force....the same thing happens with a hammer and a nail...the hammer looses force.

What would it be like if nami from One Piece was to use thor's hammer?

it would be epic

Where can one get replacement car keys?

Many stores will provide car keys to be molded. This will save a person when they've lost their key or locked it into their own car. These stores are called locksmiths.

What is a land locked sea?

A land locked sea would be one with no access to the rest of the world's oceans. The Dead Sea would be an example of such a sea. It has no outlet to a river or ocean.

What is ballpin hammer?

A 'ballpeen ' hammer is an engineering hammer with one flat head and one hemispherical head.

Why does your car make a whooshing sound when you step on the accelarater?

The year, make, model and engine size would certainly help but one possible reason could be a locked up fan clutch.

What are practical examples of conservation of energy?

A simple one, hitting a nail with a hammer. The kinetic energy of the hammer is transferred to the nail and drives it in. If the wood is very hard there will be some heat generated as well, and the nail won't go so far, but the same energy is being transferred from the hammer. Braking a car from speed, the kinetic energy of the car is transferred to the brake discs which heat up. It would be difficult to prove conservation by measurement as also some energy would be transferred to the road by friction.

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