How much polution does one car give off?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Way too much.

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Q: How much polution does one car give off?
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What effect do cars have on the earth?

they give off polution that's harmful to the earth's atmoshere and release wasteful gases CO2 into the atmoshere but modern cars dont cause much damage.

How much pollution does a single car give off yearly?

20,000 joules

What is France polution?

the smoke off of the Frenches cigarettes

What does a car give off?

carbon dioxide

How much pollution dose a car give off?

really it depends on the make & model but some of the eco-ologists will sometimes tell you

How much electricity does a microwave give off?

A microwave does not give off electricity.

When your car is repoed and you pay the loan off how long do they have to give the car back?

they usually do not give it back. once they take it, it is theirs.

How much carbon emmissons does a car give off?

it depends on the car. a low-emission car will produce less carbon than a car with bad fuel economy. if a car is idling (not going anywhere) it may produce up to 80% more emission.

Why does your car give off a smell like exhaust after it is turned off?

Could be a leak in the manifold, or a hole in the exhaust, and when you stop the car there is no pressure blowing off the fumes, so it floats up into the car.

Why would your car flood out the second you give it gas?

Because you probably didn't turn your car off.

How do you get a pay off quote on a vehicle?

went to a car dealership where I bought a car because I had a accident the insurance pay off the car but the dealership will not give me my payoff --- Contact the loan company.

How can you get back your car from repo?

pay off the debt you owe on the car, and if they trust you enough the company you are making the payments to for the car will continue to give you the car