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The horsepower of true sports car varies greatly. It can be less than 100 HP. to more than 500 HP. Horsepower is not what makes a car a sports car. A true sports car is a small performance and nimble handling car that may be spartan or luxurious but high maneuverability and minimum weight are requisite. The term Sports Car is used to describe cars that are not really sports cars by the true definition.

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Q: How much horsepower does the average sports car have?
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Why does the Ferrari have so much horsepower?

I's a sports car

How much horsepower should a car have?

It depends on the car. An every day car could have 130 to 160. A sports car could be 200 to even 700!

Does a sports car or van accelerate faster?

a sports car because sports car are kind of designed for looks and speed plus they have higher horsepower and rpm

How much horsepower does a 2.3l engine have?

the horsepower of a car depends on the number of cylinders it has. The engine displacement does not affect the horsepower of a car by much.

How much horse power does a stock Volvo V70 have?

A stock Volvo V70 has a horsepower of 300. This is based of the 2004 version of the car. This is considered to be a high number in the horsepower of an average car.

How much horsepower does the average CVPI have?

Please don't take offense... It all depends on the model year of the car.

How much horse power flowmaster add to your car?

You can conservatively add between 8 and 15 horsepower on average.

How much does an average sports car weigh?

By 'average' I doubt very much that you mean Ferrari. Affordable, common, sports cars that are mass-produced could be expected to weigh ~1500kg.

How much horsepower does an Outlaw Sprint car have?

A World of Outlaws sprint car engine can vary from about 810 horsepower to about 900 horsepower.

Is the 2007 pontiac g6 a sports car?

"Yes, it is considered a sports car even though it is a compact car because of the engine. The engine in this car is a v6 but it has 200 horsepower, which is kind of high for a family car."

How much horsepower does a 1997 Toyota Corolla have?

The correct horsepower for this car is 100.

How much does the most expensive cars cost?

As of 2011, the most expensive car costs 2.6 million dollars. The car is a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.