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a sports car because sports car are kind of designed for looks and speed plus they have higher horsepower and rpm

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2011-10-29 18:01:46
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Q: Does a sports car or van accelerate faster?
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What are some car types?

2 dr. sedan, 4 dr. sedan, 2 dr. coupe, 2 dr. hardtop, 4 dr. hardtop, convertible, station wagon, sports car, pony car, van, mini-van, suv, luxury car, super car, hearse, family car, taxi, police car, race car,

Why does your van sound like a jet taking off as you accelerate?

The fan clutch is locked up.

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No, its actually a Chevrolet Blazer with a huge body kit. Although, Batman is seen driving a Lamborghini in "The Dark Knight" which is the gray sports car that gets hit in the side by a van in a car chase.

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Name something you can do in a van that you can't do in a sports car?

lay down, make love, stand up, fit more people, haul stuff, watch tv

Why does your van accelerate only under moderate pedal pressure?

spark plugs, fuel filter, dirty injectors

What types of transmissions are in the 1989 Chevrolet sports van?


141kw180nm vs 107kw181nm whicn car will be faster?

depends upon the gearing, weight, and aerodynamics of the two vehicles. If the more powerful engine is in a 5000 lb van, it will not be as fast as the less powerful engine in a 2200 lb car.

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small car is less money but big car is better unless your talking about a mini van or just a van then its small car is better depends!!!

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