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One car length for every 10 miles per hour of speed. If you are then traveling at 50 mph, one should allow at least 5 car lengths between you and the car in front of you.

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2015-01-27 19:53:36
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Q: How many seconds should a Drivers should always keep following distance from the vehicle and the car ahead?
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How many seconds following distance does it take to pass a vehicle safely in good conditions?

3 seconds

To avoid striking the vehicle in the front of you keep at least how many seconds following distance?


In good weather conditions the safe following distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you is at least what distance?

8 seconds

Create a following distance greater than 3 seconds ahead when?

a driver behind your vehicle is trying to pass you

If you are driving a 30 ft vehicle at 55 mph how many seconds of the following distance should be allow?


When following a vehicle how much driving time should you maintain from yourself and the vehicle?

A safe distance, depending on road and weather conditions, would be 2 - 3 seconds

What is the legal distance to follow a vehicle?

3 seconds

If you are driving a 30 foot vehicle at 55 mph haw many seconds of following distance should you allow?

4 sec

Is the stopping distance the same as the following distance?

No, they have different meanings.Following distance is the safe distance to follow behind a moving motor vehicle.Stopping distance is the combination of the drivers reaction time to apply the brakes and the time the vehicle takes to come to a halt.

How much following distance a driver should keep to keep a safe following distance in an urban area?

In any driving location, it is generally agreed to be safe if you position yourself 3 seconds or more behind the vehicle in front of you.

What is the minimum interval between your vehicle and the one you are following?

3 seconds

In ideal circumstances the minimum interval between your vehicle and the one you are following is?

3 Seconds Two seconds

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