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imposible to answer. srry

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Q: How many cars and trucks are there in the world?
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How many cars and trucks are in the world?

well noone knows its impossible to know

Is there a free online database of cars and trucks?

There are many for cars but for trucks I'm not sure.

How many different automobiles are there today?

There are thousands of automobiles in the world today. There are cars, trucks, SUVs, and semis. There are also many manufactures of automobiles in the world.

How many wheels are certain cars?

Most cars and trucks there are 4, some larger pick-up trucks have 6.

How many cars and trucks in Florida?


How does electronic engineering profit to the world?

because the world need this and it is because of them why we have cars and trucks

It spews from cars and trucks?

exhaust is spewed from cars and trucks.

Does Craigslist offer classified ads for trucks or just cars?

Yes they apparently do. I just checked and did not see a category for just cars. I saw a cars+trucks category with many trucks listed. Craiglist offers classified ads for both trucks and cars. Just go on the website and type in trucks in the search box and you should get a listing.

How many cars does the Ford company make in a year?

In 2013 Ford Motor Company manufactured 3,088,000 cars and trucks in North America and 6,330,000 world-wide

In parking lot at a truck stop were 6 more cars that 18 wheel trucks there were 134 wheels in the parking How many cars and trucks were there?

5-18 wheelers 11 cars

How many ways can 2 cars and 4 trucks be selected from 11 cars and 7 trucks to be tested for a safety inspection?

1925 ways, 11C2*7C4

Did Henry Ford get any honers?

he was the second largest trucks and cars manufacture in the world