How many amps does your car use?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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this question is kinda split into 2 answers.

1. total amps available to your car thru it's battery can be 500, 600, 700, etc amps

2.fused amps are restricted by the fuses, say a car radio has a amp draw of 5 amps so the fuse thru that circuit would be rated at 5.5 or possibly 6 amps to protect the component .

So total amps " used " in your car is simply added up all the fuse ratings of all the fuses in the car and you will be close.Now if you add excessories then the amps will increase with each item added.

One side note, the battery itself and the car have connected a special fuse called a fusible link to protect the whole car from say a bad short so say a 500 amp battery does not burn the car or explode the battery .Hope this helps.

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Q: How many amps does your car use?
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