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Q: How many Mechanical signals does a saloon car have?
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What is a 4 door saloon car?

A sedan. -The difference is simply that 'saloon car' is British terminology and 'sedan' is American.

Is a Honda CR-V know as saloon car?

No, a "saloon" car is an old-time expression for a 4-door sedan.

What is the cheapest saloon car available in UK?

According to "What car" magazine, the cheapest saloon car on the UK market, is the Dacia Logan costing £5900. This is a licencebuilt Renault.

What is a saloon or an estate?

Saloon and estate are descriptions of the shape of the rear of a car. In a saloon car the roof drops at the back and there is a trunk or boot at the back. In an estate car the roof line doesn't drop off providing a much larger boot space.If you Google for "estate car images" and "saloon car images" you'll find some pictures that demonstrate the shape difference.

What is the function of a car shifter assembly?

To translate the mecanical movement of your hand in shifting, to the mechanical or electronic signals used to change the gears in your transmission.

Why do the British call a sedan a saloon car?

In Britain the Saloon was a luxe lounge area for the wealthy on ships, when the car was invented the nice ones were called saloons to lend an air of luxury to the car and appeal to the wealthy.

What is the maximum speed limit on a highway for a saloon car?


What is difference between saloon and sedan car?

They both refer to the same thing. Sedan is a North American term and Saloon is a British term.

Is it normal for Toyota Premio saloon car to get hot inside?


What is the fastest car on the first burnout?

roadster muscle and saloon gt

Is a car about one-fourth of a meter tall?

the average height of a saloon car is 1.3 to 1.5 meters

Examples of mechanical energy transforming to mechanical energy?

An example is pushing a toy car you have to push the car and your moving and the car moves also mechanical energy