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10 minutes

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Q: How long do you let your motor cool off after vapor lock?
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How long should you let your motor cool after vapor lock?

Until it restarts.

When you experience vapor lock let your motor cool for how long?

30 mins

What could cause a car engine to get a vapor block?

Heat. Having a fuel line to close to hot parts used to cause vapor lock in carburetor-ed vehicles. I don't think that happens these days with EFI, I haven't seen it in a long time.

S1 duty cycle?

S1 duty cycle for an electric motor means the motor is configured for continuous running, which means the motor runs long enough to come to full temperature and then rest long enough to fully cool before starting operation again.

Is it necessary to cool electric motors?

Sometimes it is necessary to let motors cool down if they are a heavy duty motor, like on an air compressor, but you can actually put a fan up against a motor to help keep it cool, if it can't be shut off for a long period of time. A fan motor doesn't need to be cooled down, because it is actually kept cool, with the fan blade sitting in front of it. But if it is on farm machinery I would suggest you give your motor at least 30 minutes to an hours rest, just to protect the life of the motor and keep it from overheating.

1993 Mercury Topaz fan motor cooler tub?

There isn't anything that cools the fan the fan is only on long enough to cool your motor then the air as you drive cools the fan

What happens if a compressor motor locks up?

Air conditioning compressors that sit unused for a long time or run low on oil may lock up. The moving parts in the compressor motor will become tight and hard to move.

How long can a boat motor run without water?

Not long, but it depends on the motor. Water is used in many boat motors to cool the engine and carry away exhaust. Motors that do not have radiators or heat exchangers will rapidly overheat if run without a supply of cooler water.

How long does the PS vita screen lock?

no it can't lock screen

Is cool a long O or short o?

"cool" has a long 'o' sound.

Will your car automatically lock itself after so long?

No the car will not lock itself after a long time. If you don't believe me you can ask an adult.

Does lock have the long vowel or short?

The word "lock" has a short vowel sound.