What could cause a car engine to get a vapor block?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Heat. Having a fuel line to close to hot parts used to cause vapor lock in carburetor-ed vehicles. I don't think that happens these days with EFI, I haven't seen it in a long time.

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Q: What could cause a car engine to get a vapor block?
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What can cause white smoke in a warm engine?

could it be white vapor? If so its probably head gasket.

What could be the hissing sound that comes from under the car when the engine is turned off after a drive?

Could be a leak in a radiator hose, or radiator. ==Answer 2, Another Possibility== It could also be the radiator cap pressure relief valve action which vents coolant and/or coolant vapor to the coolant overflow reservoir/tank when steam is created in the coolant passages in the engine block. When the engine is shut off, the residual heat in the block can cause the additional pressure and/or steam.j3h.

What if your 1946 buick sometimes backfires and will not accelerate-what could be the cause -sometimes it seems like vapor lock?

That is the straight 8 engine, correct? Be sure the fuel filter is clean, the points are adjusted properly, the spark plugs and spark plug wires are in good condition. Vapor lock was a common problem back then. If everything else seems to check out okay and it only happens when the engine is hot, it could be a vapor lock condition. There were several remedies you could try such as wrapping the fuel line with aluminum foil where it runs close to the engine. The addition of an electric fuel pump is another option.

Could a leak in the gas tank cause check engine light to come on?

Yes, most vehicles have an on-board system to check for vapor leaks in the fuel system.Yes, most vehicles have an on-board system to check for vapor leaks in the fuel system.

Can a 1998 mercury 200efi outboard vapor lock?

Yes a 1998 mercury 200 efi outboard vapor can lock. Most of the time the issue can be traced back to the quality of fuel put into the engine that can cause the vapor to lock.

What cause engine locks?

vapor lock happens the fuel boils in the line, maybe the line is too close to the engine, try putting foil around it.

What does a P0455 diagnostic code for jeep?

Large vapor leak in the evaporative emissions system You could have a gasoline vapor leak anywhere from the gas cap to the tank to the engine.

What are engine vapor lock symptoms?

dodge lancer vapor lock

Can a defected charcoal canister cause engine misfire or smog test failure?

yes it can cause smog test failure, check engine light will most likely pop up since it controls part of the vapor by filtering it.

What will cause a fuel vapor recovery canister to leak fuel?

Overfilling the fuel tank with gas could be a reason.

S-10 that will run twelve miles then shut off and will not start what could cause that?

Are you in a warmer climate? Maybe a mountainous area. Is the engine overheated when this happens?If you answered yes to any of theses questions there maybe a vapor-lock in the fuel line.A vapor lock occurs when the fuel line runs too close to a very hot engine part, such as the exhaust manifold. The excessive heat causes the fuel to boil causing a vapor in the fuel line. this vapor blocks the line and no fuel passes.This is just one of the problems that may be occurring. More information on the engine temp and the weather when this occurs will help.

What would cause the engine to cut out when it is hot?

The year, make, model and engine size would help us help you. In older vehicles (pre-fuel injection) vapor lock was an issue.