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That's not too difficult - until the thing stops and won't move any more!

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Q: How long can you drive a car if the transmission is bad?
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Car will move in reverse but not drive?

bad transmission

What does it mean when your car don't go when it is in drive but it will drive fine backwards?

It means the transmission is bad.

When putting your gear into drive why would your car not move?

Parking brake not released, bad torque converter, bad transmission shift solenoid or bad transmission in general, broken shift cable not engaging the transmission.

Is it bad to switch from neutral to drive while the car is in motion?

Yes; it could damage the transmission.

Is it bad for an automatic transmission car to be left in idle?

No, as long as the engine is not running hot it will not bother the transmission.

What would cause a car not to take off in drive?

No fluid bad clutches in the transmission bad or broken linkage no driveline motor not running

Can a kid with bad grades know how to drive a car?

Long Answer:of course, anyone can drive a car as long as they have the expertise in the subject.its like asking can a kid with bad math grades do his math? as long as they are educated to do so.Short Answer:Yes

Can you drive your car if the car is jerking?

no because your car can die or the transmission might slip. you can have a clogged Fuel Injectors , your fuel filter can be dirty and need to be replaced. In so rare cases if your car is jerking to hard it can resulted in a bad transmission.

Is it bad for your car to turn it off in drive with a automatic transmission?

No but, be sure it has come to a complete stop before you put it in park.

How to sell a car with a bad transmission?

nice car

Car will reverse but not drive?

transmission is gone.

2000 Camry's engine shaking when car is stopped and transmission is in drive position?

Bad motor mounts and needs a tune up probably