How hot should the back of a car stereo get?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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depends what stereo

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Q: How hot should the back of a car stereo get?
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What is the meaning of THD Hotplate?

The THD Hot Plate is a power attenuator for a car stereo system. You can use the THD Hot Plate to keep a power source to your amps. The Hot Plate is used by serious car stereo enthusiasts.

Where do you attach the remote wire to your car stereo?

The remote wire coming out of your car stereo constantly sends a low voltage signal while the stereo is turned on. This is to signal external components such as amplifiers or power antenae to activate. If you don't have these items, the remote wire should be taped off as to not ground out on anything. IF you were wondering where to run the remote wire from your amplifier to a stereo that does not have a remote wire, I would suggest sistering it to the hot wire (red) coming out of the stereo. Make sure that your radio doesn't function without the ignition turned on. If your radio works without the key in the ignition and you have your remote wire from your amp wired to the hot wire on your deck your amp will remain on all of the time wether you're in the car or not. This will lead to a dead battery. Hope this helps Shane (vmax33)

Where does the battery wire for your car stereo go?

Any hot wire. Usually the are a couple terminals for an accessory in the fuse box. Can attach there, tap an existing wire or go direct to batt. Should be keyed power source is preferable since cannot stay on when car off.

Can i eat chips left in hot car?

They should be safe to eat if left in a hot car for a few hours.

How far can you drive while car is running hot?

You should not drive a car that is running hot,because you can lock up the engine.

The car should be hot or cold when you add brake fluid?

It does not make a difference if the car is hot or cold when you add brake fluid.

Should the car be cold or Hot to Check antifreeze?

cold. If you open the radiator when the car is hot, it can spray all over the place.

Why does the power to your car stereo go out when you turn on the car?

If your car stereo is always hot at all times it shouldn't go out or has connectivity when at "start" Turning the key from "on" to "start" temporarily cuts out the power connectivity. Stereos are not designed to have power at "start" because pretty much the starter uses much amperage and voltage from the battery the seconds while the engine is being cranked

What is the problem with my car if the passenger back tire is to hot and smells?

You should consider getting it changed cause you never least go to a garage and ask :)

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How hot is it? You can't be changing it every 8 hours to match the weather. Put in some artificial oil if you have no oil leaks and go back to sleep.

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