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You should not drive a car that is running hot,because you can lock up the engine.

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Q: How far can you drive while car is running hot?
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A car accelerates from to at a rate of How far does it travel while accelerating

Does driving a car expend gas depending more on how much time you drive or on how far you travel?

Driving car expends gas depending more on the distance that you travel instead of the amount of time that you are driving. For example, you can leave a car running parked and drive nowhere but save a substantial amount of gas than if you drive it 120 miles.

When can you drive a car?

Different countries have different laws, but as far as i know minimum you have to be at the age of 16 to drive the car legally on the streets. and if you meant when you can drive the car, then the answer is very simple, you can drive whenever you want to.

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Transmission fluid is a very important fluid while maintaining a car. Transmission fluid can be low, and a car can drive a decent length without any problems. However, the distance is dependent on the shape and condition of the rest of the car.

What would cause a squealing noise while a car is running?

Though there are several possibilities, by far the most common reason for that is a loose or glazed belt in the engine compartment.