How far should you drive behind a car?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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7 car behind

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Q: How far should you drive behind a car?
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How far should a car be behind another car traveling at 55 mph?

three car spaces

How far can you drive while car is running hot?

You should not drive a car that is running hot,because you can lock up the engine.

How far behind a 18 wheeler should you drive to not be in his blindspot?

If you are behind a truck and you CAN NOT see his mirrors then you're in his blind spot and he can't see you.

How far should you remain behind another vehicle?

You should always remain a safe distance when you are behind another vehicle. The recommended amount of space that you should leave is one and half car lengths.

How far do you have to drive behind a motorcycle?

You should not drive too close to a motorcycle when you are behind it. The distance depends on the speed. With increased speed, the distance increases. Allow plenty of room, which in my opinion means over a hundred meters or more.

How far do you have to be behind on a car payment before your car is repo?

2 payment

What kind of car can a teacher drive and how far can it go?

Any kind of car the teacher wants to drive. It can go as far as they want as long as they stop for fuel.

How far behind a school bus can you drive?

One car length for each 20 miles per hour is speed they are traveling

What do you drive that rhymes with far?

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You bought a car in your name for someone else to drive What are your rights as far as getting it back?

In this case the title of the vehicle should be in your name.

How many feet away does a drive stop behind another driver?

stop far enough back so u can see the bottoms of the car in front of you's tires.

When can you drive a car?

Different countries have different laws, but as far as i know minimum you have to be at the age of 16 to drive the car legally on the streets. and if you meant when you can drive the car, then the answer is very simple, you can drive whenever you want to.