How does second hand smoke affect people?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Second hand smoke people in different ways, if they are around a person that smokes everyday then that isn't good because believe it or not people that inhale second hand smoke can also die or get lung cancer. Also if you second hand smoke you can still have tar in your lungs but not as much as a regular smoker has.

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Q: How does second hand smoke affect people?
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How does smoking affect people around us?

It kills them with what we call "Second Hand Smoke"

How many people get second hand smoke?

Everyone who is around someone who smokes is exposed to second hand smoke. There are millions of people who are exposed to second hand smoke.

Can second hand crack smoke affect your lungs?

Absolutely. All smoke can affect your lungs.

Is it harmful for you to hang out near people who use second hand smoke?

If they willingly except to second hand smoke, then yes. If they don't like to second hand smoke, then no.

How does second hand pot smoke affect kids?

it makes them popular

How can parents smoking around children affect them?

Second hand smoke

What is second hand smoke and can it affect your health negatively?

Second hand smoking is very bad and could kill you if you are very young.

Can second hand smoke affect your child?

definitely. second hand smoke contains many chemicals and some references state it is more harmful than the inhaled smoke. Plus, the child did not choose to be in this position.

If you don't smoke marijuana but am in the company of those who do will I be affected?

Yes you will be affected by the second hand smoke, you may not get the affect of the drug.

Why do people die who don't smoke?

Second hand smoke is at least as deadly as first hand, if not more. Exposure to second hand smoke can kill. If you are asking why people who don't smoke, and aren't exposed to cigarette smoke die, well, ... everyone is going to die at some point. That's just how it is.

How many people die second hand smoke?

about 1,112,692,783,257 people die from it

What is the term of smoke that is exhaled from the smokers lungs?

When other people are exposed to it, it is second hand smoke.