How does one contact the DVLA?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A person can contact the DVLA, or Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency by visiting their website, by telephone, or by sending them a letter. Their phone number is 0300-790-6801 and written inquiries may be sent to Drivers Customer Service, Correspondence Team, DVLA, Swansea, SA6 7JL.

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Q: How does one contact the DVLA?
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How do you get a new counter part for a provisonal license?

You will have to contact the DVLA, see

How do you upgrade your UK driving license to a b1 driving license.?

Contact your nearest DVLA they should help you out.

Can you hire a car with a lost driving license?

You need to contact your hire company as some company accept a fax sent by DVLA

Do dvla send reminder for first mot?

The DVLA do not notify owners when their vehicle's MOT is due.

How many points for no indicators on a car?

If this is a UK question I suggest that you contact DVLA Swansea for clarification As far as I am aware lighting offences are non endorsible.

How do you say you are going to the dvla in swansea in welsh?

Rydw i`n mynd i`r dvla yn Abertawe.

How do you re-new your british driving licence?

Apply to DVLA Swansea. When your licence is about to end you will get a letter from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency reminding you to re-apply. If you have moved recently and not told them then you can contact them yourself and ask for a form to re-apply for your licence. DVLA Swansea SA99 1BN

Where can one find DVLA forms online?

DVLA forms can be found on many websites, most prevalently government or local council pages. Alternatively, the local DVLA office's phone number should be available on the internet, so if no suitable forms can be found then this could be another way of getting the forms.

For which vehicles is online testing available from the DVLA?

DVLA offers online motorcycle testing for residents of the UK. You must register in advance to take one of these tests between the hours of 6am and 11:40pm.

What is the phone no of DVLA?


Do you tell dvla about glass wearing?

Provided that you meet the eyesight requirements with those glasses, you do not need to notify the DVLA.

Is dvla swansea freepost?

Unfortunately not