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The tool is called a "slide hammer" by those who use them professionally (and legally). The shaft on which the hammer slides has a "stop" welded on one end (or tightly threaded on), and threads on the other end to screw on various "attachments" so the device can be more versatile. A screw attachment is put on, and the screw is screwed into the ignition lock. The hammer is then slid against the stop to pull the ignition lock out and a screwdriver is inserted into the hole to operate the actual ignition switch. *Note: None of this is secret. This information can be picked up by anyone who watches TV; lots of television shows and movies have scenes in them where this little activity is being staged. Two things are important. It is illegal to do this. Don't do anything stupid here. Jail is real, and prison is even more real. If you have any kind of life and want to keep it, step clear of this kind of thing. The other thing is that newer cars have ignition systems that are different enough that you can't defeat them with a slide hammer and a screwdriver. Auto manufacturers have made some changes at the prodding of the government and of insurance companies, who are tired of paying claims for stolen cars.

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Q: How do you use a dent puller to remove an auto ignition lock?
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