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Need to know make and model in order to answer this. On some, you simply use a key to remove the panel which the switch is mounted to, unplug the wires from the back of the switch, use a small pick to remove the tumbler from the housing, pop a new housing into the tumbler, and put it back in the opposite of how you took it out.

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Q: How do you remove and replace the ignition switch on semi truck?
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How do you remove the ignition switch cylinder to replace it on a 1971 Chevy truck with no key?

With no key you will have to drill out the existing tumbler assembly from the switch in order to unscrew the ignition switch bezel.

How do you change the ignition switch on a 2004 gmc 1500 sierra truck?

how to remove cover to replace ignition lock cylinder and what type of tools do i need

How doi remove ignition without key from 1986 Toyota pickup truck?

Begin by removing the retaining ring at the top of your 1986 Toyota pickup truck ignition switch. The ignition switch will slide out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition switch.

How do you remove an ignition switch from a 1979 Chevrolet C10 pickup?

Remove the retaining ring from the top of your 1979 Chevrolet C 10 pickup truck ignition switch. Slide the ignition switch out and remove the wiring harness.

How do you replace an ignition switch for a 1977 Chevrolet truck?

n ignition switch on a 1991 Chevrolet astro vanAnswern ignition switch on a 1991 Chevrolet astro van

How do you remove and repair replace an ignition switch in 1996 1500 series Chevy truck that sticks in the off position?

call a lock smith .

How do you install ignition switch 1988 gmc truck?

You need to remove the steering wheel first with a puller. There is a latch you can trip with a small screwdriver that will let the ignition switch slide out. Simply replace the switch and put the steering wheel back on.

How do remove the ignition switch on 1978 Chevy truck?

High-powered explosives.

How do you replace the ignition switch on 1995 F-350?

1995 ford 350 1 ton box truck ignition replacement

How do you remove the ignition key switch on a 1998 Chevrolet truck?

Removing the ignition key switch from a 1998 Chevrolet truck is a relatively straightforward process. Before beginning it is important to make sure that the truck is off and the battery has been disconnected. To begin you will need to remove the steering wheel by first removing the center wheel nut with a 12" socket and wrench. You should then use a steering wheel puller to remove the wheel. Once the wheel is removed the ignition key switch will be visible in the center of the steering wheel. To remove the ignition key switch you will need to remove the retaining clip and then unscrew the bolts securing the switch in place. After the bolts have been removed the switch can be removed and replaced with the new one.

How do you remove ignition switch 1966 ford truck?

remove the silver ring that is on the dash buy turning it with channel locks, it should be threaded

How do you replace the heater switch in a 2002 s10 truck?

Pull the front dash bezel out that surrounds the cluster and the radio and the a/c-heater controls out and then remove the controller and replace the switch.............