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you move it

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Q: How do you remove a ford territory tail shaft?
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How do you remove your 2006 ford explorer speedometer cable?

there is no cable you have speed sensors located in the tail shaft of the transmission

how do you remove the tail shaft from the differential?

by washing

Where is the location of the speed sensor on a 1992 f150 4x4 not the one on the differential?

In the tail shaft housing. you have to remove the drive shaft and the tail shaft housing to get to it.

Where is the speed sensor for 2001 ford crown Victoria?

on the tail shaft of the transmission

Do you need a short or long tail shaft c6 for your 68 ford 2wd truck?

Trucks used the long shaft transmissions.

How do you get the tail shaft out of 350 turbo trans how do you get it out?

If you are talking about the SPLND STEEL center shaft that the driveshaft slides over, Then you will have to take the transmission APART to remove the shaft.

Where is the vehicle speed sensor Ford f150 1993?

the tail shaft of the tranny on the speedo cable

What is required to convert a 4l60 transmission 4wd to 2wd only?

Change the tail shaft of the tranismission from a 4WD tail shaft to a 2WD tail shaft and use a 2WD tail housing.... The 4WD transmissions has shorter tail shafts and tail hounsing, while the 2WD has a longer tail shaft and tail hounsing.

Why don't tail lights work ford territory?

Burned out or a broken wire or a bad switch.

How do you get a speedometer gear that fell into the transmission out?

I don't know what year, make or model you have but most transmissions have the speedo mounted in the tail shaft extension housing so, if you remove the tail shaft housing you can retrieve the speedo gear.

What is tail shaft?

Tail Shaft is the section after the propeller shaft of a shift. Any shaft is always placed farthest from the head, where the power is applied.

Where is the speed sensor located on a 1991 dodge b250 van?

Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.Driver side tail shaft of the transmission.