How do you make your car accelerate faster?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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you need to make your car be able to breathe better....cold air intake, or high flow intake. also performance exhaust, or drop in a lower gear tranny, although in cases of manual transmission this will cause more frequent shifts...

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Q: How do you make your car accelerate faster?
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Why does a car slow down when you accelerate?

A car goes faster when you accelerate. It slows down when you brake.

What happens when a car accelerate?

It goes faster

What could you do to a race car to make it accelerate faster?

Reduce the overall weight of the vehicle. Change gear ratios. Increase horse power.

Every other things in equal will wider tires make a car accelerates faster?

Yes, in general. If your car has enough power to spin the wheels on a fast start, then the wider the tyres, the more grip you will get and the faster you will accelerate.

How fast does a mustang go with nitrous?

Nitrous doesn't make the car go faster, it makes it accelerate faster.. and I wouldn't be able to tell u how much untill you ask accordingly about the engine

Why a driver will make his car accelerate or decelerate?

To make the car go or slow down.

When a car begins to accelerate from rest does the net force increase?

Not necessarily. A constant net force will produce a constant acceleration, that is, the car will continue going faster and faster.

What is will make a car faster turbo or supercharged?

Either will make your car faster.

Does a sports car or van accelerate faster?

a sports car because sports car are kind of designed for looks and speed plus they have higher horsepower and rpm

Which size wheels makes a car go faster?

its not the wheel size its the width of the tyre it self the bigger it is the better your car will handle and accelerate

How do you make a diesel car quicker?

diesel cars accelerate faster because a diesel engine produces over twice the torque of a gasoline engine. and the only way to make it go any faster would be to change the rearend ratio or get it tuned by a professional.

Why does your car make a grinding sound when you accelerate?

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