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Need to know the year, and also what model of engine.. Macks are available either with Mack or Cummins engines.

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Q: How do you change oil pump on mack heavy duty truck?
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What kind of trucks are at the truck auctions?

The truck auctions feature medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks, as well as trailers. They include trucks manufactured by Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack, Freightliner, International, and Volvo.

Where can you buy used mack trucks?

Truck dealerships, Truck Trader, Heavy Equipment Trader

How do you change turn signals in a mack truck?

you spelled mack wrong...its mac

How much does a heavy mack truck cost?

About 6million dongs or $150,000 US on average

Through what venues can one purchase a Mack dump truck?

Many cities have an authorized Mack Truck Dealership. They offer new and used Mack trucks for sale or can help you locate the model you want. If your city or surrounding area does not have a Mack Truck Dealer, you can also look in your local newspaper classified ads under "Used Heavy Equipment" for Mack Trucks.

What type of vehicles carry the Mack name?

Mack vehicles are heavy duty truck models designed for use in various commercial and professional outlets. The majority of Mack trucks are designed as long distance trucks that transport various cargo. Others include refuse (trash) disposal, military use, and construction use.

Where can you buy a mack truck hat?

At a Mack Trucks dealership.

What does a Fram PH49A fit?

Caterpillar Construction Machines, Allis Chalmers, Mack, Volvo, heavy duty class 8 trucks and more.

How do you change clutch cable on mack semi truck?

You don't. They use either a linkage or a hydraulic clutch.

Is there a mack pick up truck?

Mack doesn't make a pickup '1/2 ton' style truck.

What engine in 1986 mack truck?

Either a Mack or a Cummins engine.

Is there a filter you change on a 2006 10 speed eaton transmission in a mack truck?

Yes, there's a transmission filter.