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Put them on your insurance.

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Q: How do you authorization a person to drive my truck?
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When insuring a commercial truck does the person insuring the truck have to have a CDL?

No, not to insure it just to drive it. You can insure it and let someone else drive it as long as they have their Class A CDL.

How you can drive a truck?

Someone who knows how to drive a truck and is legally licensed to drive a truck has to train you, so that you can drive a truck (but you do also have to get a license).

Is a ventriloquist a person who drives a truck?

A ventriloquist is a person who talks without moving his or her mouth. And no, usually they don't drive trucks. Only if they are truck drivers who can do that. (not really common though). ;-)

When owner has died can their truck still be used?

No. You should not drive a truck that is registered in the name of a person who is deceased. The truck must be retitled in the name of the person who inherits it. The insurance must also be canceled and reissued in the new owner's name.

Is four wheel drive better than all wheel drive for snow and ice?

yes becaus because if the truck slips and scids a cross the ice or snow in could the person in the car or truck

Is it efficient to drive a large truck to and from school?

no it is not very efficent to drive a truck to and from school

Will rims off of a 2 wheel drive s10 truck fit on a 4 wheel drive s10 truck?

wil rims off a 2 wheel drive s10 truck fit a 4 wheel drive s10 truck

Can a person hire you to drive his own log truck but hire you as contract labor in order to get out from under responsibilities of an accident?

First requirement - the contract driver must be properly licensed ... must have a CDL to drive a log truck.

What is the base truck driver salary?

The base salary of a truck driver depends on the area in which the person lives, the years of experience they have, and what type of truck they drive. The average salary, for all truck drivers nationwide, in 2011 was around $49,000.

What kind of truck does a cow drive?

A cow cannot nor does not drive a truck, sorry to say.

Is it very efficient to drive a large truck to and from school?

no it is not very efficent to drive a truck to and from school

Can you drive a truck in California with a class A license?

Yes, Class A is what you need to drive a truck in California.

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